Hello lovely human (and unhappy desk dweller),

If you want out of your current 9-5 but don't know where to start or how to make that happen, then please come and join me as I share my semi-regular thoughts on careers, and transitioning from one to another...without the overwhelm and fear, including parts of my own story. This is a space where you will get brutal honesty from me, and a safe space for you to share with me whats going on for you (if you would like to) because I LOVE to hear from you.
Before you sign up I want to say thank you for allowing me to take up some space in your email inbox, because thats an important space, and I am grateful to be there. If at any point you feel like my presence is taking up space that you don't want it to, then feel free to unsubscribe, with no hard feelings from me.

Really looking forward to getting to know you
Rachel x
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